Free IPv6 address for every account

How to enable free IPv6 address on web hosting account?

There is a optional feature for every account at – additional Ipv6 address. It is disabled by default,but at client panel in simple one-button-click you can enable it for each web hosting account. Firstly, login into client panel and next to your service name you should find „configure” icon,after cliking on it you will see IPv6 field where you can enable additional IP address:

After pressing „Enable IPv6” button every account will have two IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6.
This process is fully automatic.

For example, the IPv4 address:, an additional IPv6 address will look exactly like this: 2001:678:63c:0:9:5bd3:de16:2.

You should follow some main rules while using IPv6 addresses, we wrote about them on our blog,find out more under this link below: